How ESO’s laziest player accidentally started a wholesome cult

On a busy bridge in Alinor, sandwiched between the fast-travel wayshrine and the crowded crafting stations, hundreds of Elder Scrolls Online players will cross from one part of the busy city to another. Some thunder over riding horses or bears. Others pause for a moment to rummage through their inventory bags. One particular player, a splotchy black and white Argonian, does the most useless thing a person could be doing at the heart of a lively MMO hub. His name is Sleeps-On-Bridges, and he logs on every night to do exactly that.

In search of the mysterious Dark Souls fashion police

To understand the Fashion Police, it’s important to grasp the concept of 'Fashion Souls'. The idea is that players forgo armor stats entirely in the more noble pursuit of being the best dressed character during a summon or invasion, rather than the most powerful. From this movement, a more dedicated group of fashionistas allegedly took up arms and declared it their sacred duty to enforce the sanctity of ‘looking fine all the time’. These players became known as the Fashion Police.

Spaceplan is a short and tasty clicker game where you shoot potatoes into orbit

The abstract objective of Spaceplan is to accumulate potato power, which you then use to create more starch-based generators and initiate upgrades for your current space spuds. With a similar lack of gravity, your ship’s sophisticated tools are labeled Thing Maker, Word Outputter, and Idea Lister. You know, standard scientific equipment. The Word Outputter is … Continue reading Spaceplan is a short and tasty clicker game where you shoot potatoes into orbit